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Vacu Vin Wine Saver- 1 Pump, 1 Stopper- Stainless Steel

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The Stainless Steel Vacu Vin Wine Saver preserves your wine under vacuum and makes it last. Creates a vacuum to slow down the oxidation process to store wine for a longer period
of time. Makes a ”click” sound when optimum vacuum is reached.


  • Remove air from your wine bottle to keep wine tasting new for up to a week!
  • Contains 1 Stainless Steel Wine Saver Vacuum Pump and 2 Grey Vacuum Bottle Stoppers.
  • Suitable for all Red and White Wines.
  • Just insert the universal wine stopper into the bottle and pump until you hear the patented "Click". The "Click" signals an airtight seal!
  • Made in the Netherlands

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